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Public Lectures

"To Mars, Titan and the Universe Beyond!
Europe’s Arrival on the Space Frontier"

Prof. David Southwood

"Astrobiology: Implications of Life Beyond Earth"
Prof. Chris Impey

"The Science of Armageddon: an Update"
Jay Tate

"The Eighteenth Century Transits of Venus"
Dr John Butler

"Risk and Natural Catastrophes"
Prof. Mark Bailey

"Why are we here?"
Dr Martin Hendry

"Science of Armageddon"
Jay Tate

"Space in a Modern Society"
Prof. David Southwood

"Looking for a Pulse"
Prof. Gerry Doyle

Robinson Lecture 2008:
"God and the Universe"

Prof. Peter Brand

"The Life and Death of a Star"
Prof. John Landstreet

"Robert Ball: Ireland's Astronomical Muse"
Allan Chapman

"The Trial of Galileo"
Allan Chapman

"From Interstellar Matter to Deep Impact ... and Life"
Chandra Wickramasinge

"The Historic Telescopes of Armagh Observatory"
John Butler

"An Outer Solar System High Ecliptic Latitude Survey"
Eamon Ansbro

"Understanding Mass Loss in Evolved Stars Like the Sun"
Brian Espey

"Did we really land on the Moon?"
Dr Martin Hendry

"The Dark Side of the Sun:
Myths and Facts about Coronal Holes"

Miruna Popescu


aroundNorth Tour 2015
high resolution
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about aroundNorth

aroundNorth Tour 2015
low resolution

aroundNorth Installation
high resolution

aroundNorth Installation
low resolution

Lindsay Centennial Symposium

"Armagh, Dunsink and the Early Days of the Irish Astronomical Society"
Maire Brück

"Bill Mackle Video of IAS Activities from the Late 1940s and Early 1950s"
James O'Connor

"The Armagh-Dunsink-Harvard Telescope: From Dream to Oblivion"
John Butler

"Lindsay and the Armagh Planetarium"
Tom Mason

Lindsay interviewed
by Terence Murtagh

"Eric Lindsay: ABC to Z
Some Personal Recollections"

Terry Moseley

Armagh Heritage Day 2011

Plantation Legacies
Dr Audrey J Horning (Reader in Archeology at Leicester University)

Armagh's Heritage - Late 18th century buildings and Robinson's legacy
Stephen Day (5 Vicar's Hill)

Life in Armagh in the latter part of the 19th century
Mary McVeigh (Armagh & District History Society)

Mapping the Ulster Plantation
Roddy Hegarty (Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library & Archive)

Armagh Heritage Day 2010

Navan — Emain Mhacha — and the Celts
Prof. Jim Mallory, QUB

Armagh Through Time:
A View From the County Museum

Greer Ramsey

Astronomy at Armagh:
Bringing 'Heaven' Down to Earth

Prof. Mark Bailey

Armagh Heritage Day 2008

The Book of Armagh
Mons. Raymond Murray

Armagh County Museum:
a Library of Books and Objects

Greer Ramsey

Armagh to Jerusalem
Roddy Hegarty

Armagh to the Somme:
the Growth of Pilgrimage

Amanda Moreno

The Golden Age of Steam
Mary McVeigh

Astronomical Videos

Solar Eclipse 2015

Schoolchildren Recover Martian Companion Using Faulkes Telescope

Leonid 2009 Movies

Meteor Camera Detections

Asteroid and Comet Animations

Leonid 2006 Movies

Perseid Meteors 2007

MDI Magnetic Field BP Movie

TRACE 1550 Siphon Flow Movie

White Dwarf Merger

The Structure and Dynamics of a Bright Point as seen with Hinode, SoHO and TRACE

TRACE movie of cluster of 16 blinkers

Solar Eclipse 2008
Asteroid Discovery
The Discovery of Asteroids
Asteroids edge-on
Edge-on View of the Asteroids

Asteroids in Jupiter Resonance


Robinson Cup Anemometer

Noctilucent Clouds

Meteorological Station


Creativity NI: Armagh Observatory
on YouTube

Armagh Observatory in the 1950s

Bicentennary of Armagh Observatory,

Restored Grubb 15 inch telescope returns

Some Things About Armagh - May 2008

Observatory Panorama

The Observatory on YouTube

Some Similar Structures

Stargazing LIVE Event 2012

New Structures

Armagh City 2016

Armagh City promo 2016

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