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News and Web Site Updates 2018

☆  Cold, dull March, slightly wetter than average. Coldest Saint Patrick's Day for at least 175 years. 2018 April 3rd
☆  Cold, damp February, sunniest at Armagh for 14 years 2018 March 4th
☆  Very wet January, slightly cooler and sunnier than average 2018 February 5th
☆  Dull, damp December, slightly warmer than average. 2017 slighty drier and duller than average, but much warmer 2018 January 6th
☆  Cool, dry November with about average sunshine. Autumn as a whole slightly duller and warmer than average 2017 December 4th
☆ Warm, dry October, dullest for 71 years 2017 November 2nd
☆  A solar-powered asteroid nursery at the orbit of Mars 2017 October 18th
☆ Wettest September for seven years; cool with about average sunshine 2017 October 5th
☆  Cool August, with rainfall and sunshine close to average. Wettest summer at Armagh for five years 2017 September 2nd
☆  July wetter and sunnier than average, and slightly cooler 2017 August 8th
☆  Dullest and wettest June for five years; warmer than average 2017 July 5th
☆  New telescope for detecting optical signals from gravitational waves opened 2017 July 4th
☆  Record May: Dry, very warm, and sunniest for 82 years. Warmest spring on record 2017 June 4th
☆  Driest April for 35 years; dullest for 20 years. Slightly warmer than average. 2017 May 2nd
☆  Warm March, sunnier and wetter than average. 2017 April 4th
☆  Astronomers find orbit of Mars hosts remains of ancient mini-planets. 2017 March 31st
☆  Mild, dull, dry February; driest winter at Armagh for 53 years. 2017 March 7th
☆  Unveiling the Origins of the Heating of the Sun's Corona. 2017 March 3rd
☆  St Patrick's day events hosted by Armagh Observatory. 2017 March 2nd
☆  Mild, very dry January, sunnier than average. 2017 February 3rd
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