1995-11-01 A G GunnArmagh Observatory Radio Environments of Active Close Binaries
1995-11-08 M E BaileyArmagh Observatory The Origin and Dynamics of Comets
1995-11-15 P B ByrneArmagh Observatory Activity in Late-type Stars
1995-11-20 S IpatovKeldysh Institute Moscow Migration of Celestial Bodies in the Solar System
1995-11-22 V AndrettaArmagh Observatory Optical Diagnostics of Activity in Late-type Stars
1995-11-29 P AmadoArmagh Observatory T_eff-Colour and Surface Brightness-Colour Relationships for very late-type giant stars
1995-12-07 K MitrouArmagh Observatory The Emission Measure Distributions of some RS CVn Binaries
1995-12-13 H M MurphyArmagh Observatory Computing at Armagh Observatory
1996-01-04 C MurrayQMW, London The F Ring of Saturn
1996-01-10 M T EibeArmagh Observatory Optical Spectroscopy of the dMe star HK Aqr: Evidence of Prominence-like Activity
1996-01-17 C J ButlerArmagh Observatory Spatial Relationships between Spots
1996-01-24 J G DoyleArmagh Observatory Estimating the Total Radiative Output from the Hot Outer Atmospheres of Late-Type Stars
1996-02-07 S BagnuloArmagh Observatory Visual Carbon Stars with Excess Flux in the far-IR: Evidence for the onset of the C-rich phase, the
1996-02-14 M de GrootArmagh Observatory P Cygni: 17th Century Mass Loss and 20th Century Oscillations
1996-03-04 I ShortArmagh Observatory Late-type Stars and the Strange Case of the Missing Opacity
1996-03-06 M E BaileyArmagh Observatory The Origin of Sun-grazers
1996-03-13 M ZborilArmagh Observatory Spot Tomography in Late-Type Stars
1996-03-20 B Van den OordUtrecht Coronal Loops: Theory and Observations
1996-03-27 W M NapierArmagh Observatory Quantized Redshifts
1996-04-17 F WalterUNY Stony Brook The Most Active Solar-like Stars: Are They Really Solar-like?
1996-04-24 F WalterUNY Stony Brook Low Mass Star Formation in OB Associations
1996-04-24 R JeffriesKeele University EUV-selected Active Stars
1996-05-01 N W HarrisArmagh Observatory Dynamical Evolution of Cometary Asteroids
1996-05-15 R RollestonArmagh Observatory Studies of Early-type stars in our own Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds
1996-05-20 P NicholsonCornell Peeking under Saturn's rings with the Space Telescope
1996-05-22 B ByrneArmagh Observatory Doppler Imaging: A Critical Review
1996-05-29 D C FosterArmagh Observatory Evolution of Angular Momentum in Late-type Stars
1996-06-05 S. ManleyArmagh Observatory The Comet Flux in the Inner Solar System
1996-06-12 L SarroLAEFF, Spain The Width of the Transition Region
1996-06-19 F MiglioriniArmagh Observatory Interlopers within Asteroid Families
1996-06-26 A CoughlinArmagh Observatory Weather and Climate at Armagh
1996-07-03 S BagnuloArmagh Observatory Polarimetry of Magnetic Ap Stars
1996-07-17 J BeckmanIAC Recent Results on HII Regions
1996-07-31 L SarroLAEFF, Spain The Helium 10830 Line in the Sun and Late-Type Stars
1996-08-07 D JevremovicArmagh Observatory Hydrogen Stark Broadening in the Chromospheres of Late-type Stars
1996-08-14 J FernandezMontevideo, Uruguay Formation of the Oort Cloud
1996-08-21 E O'SheaArmagh Observatory Waves in the Solar Transition Region and Corona
1996-08-28 B ByrneArmagh Observatory Preliminary Results of Multi-wavelength Observations of II Peg
1996-09-04 C S JefferyArmagh Observatory A Search for C_60 in Hydrogen-deficient Debris
1996-09-18 GHJ Van den OordUtrecht A Possible Explanation for the Metal Underabundance in the Coronae of RS CVn and Algol
1996-09-25 H de SterckKU Leuven Numerical Simulations of the time dependant time-evolution MHD equations. Applications to Solar Phy
1996-10-02 M ZborilArmagh Observatory He-Rich Stars: Evolutionary State
1996-10-09 H M MurphyArmagh Observatory Health and Safety and Computers
1996-10-16 S BagnuloArmagh Observatory Oxygen Rich Dust Grains around Carbon Stars and Carbon Rich Dust Grains around Oxygen Stars
1996-10-23 D Lyndon-BellQUB Monopoles from Newton to Nutspace
1996-10-30 A LanzafameStrathclyde On the Differential Emission Measure Structure of the Inner Solar Corona
1996-11-06 F MiglioriniArmagh Observatory Meteorites and NEAs from the Vesta Asteroid Family
1996-11-13 R CleggPPARC The Aims and Objectives of PUS
1996-11-20 I ShortArmagh Observatory What Does Adding 70 Million Spectral Lines Do to a Model Chromosphere?
1996-11-28 J G DoyleArmagh Observatory The Observatory's Computer Requirements for 1997
1996-12-04 C S JefferyArmagh Observatory The Hot Subdwarf in Eclipsing Binary HD185510
1996-12-11 C J ButlerArmagh Observatory A Global Warming Up-Date
1997-01-08 D OgleUK Met.Office A Brief Introduction to Changes Technology has made in Forecasting
1997-01-15 N W HarrisArmagh Observatory The Origins and Evolution of Short-Period comets
1997-01-22 S HawleyMichigan State University The M Dwarf Survey
1997-01-29 M de GrootArmagh Observatory Multi-Periodic LBVs
1997-02-05 W M NapierArmagh Observatory Is Geology Periodic?
1997-02-12 J E ChambersArmagh Observatory How to make the Terrestrial Planets
1997-02-19 M T EibeArmagh Observatory H-Alpha Emission Variability in a Rapidly Rotating Late-Type Star
1997-02-26 A TheissenArmagh Observatory Hot Subdwarf B Stars
1997-03-05 P B ByrneArmagh Observatory Stellar Prominences: What are They?
1997-03-12 V Emel'yanenkoUniv. of South Urals Asteroids from Long-Period Comets
1997-03-19 T LagoPorto, Portugal T Tauri Stars and other Cool Things at the Centre for Astrophysics in Porto
1997-04-16 F MiglioriniArmagh Observatory The Status of the GAPTEC Project
1997-04-23 ADS CoughlinArmagh Observatory The Climate Record at Armagh: Points of Interest
1997-05-01 W G TifftSteward Observatory Quantized Redshifts
1997-05-07 A G GunnJodrell Bank A Very Long Baseline Colloquium: VLBI
1997-05-09 A G GunnJodrell Bank The Rotation-Activity Correlation in Active Binary Stars
1997-05-14 M BurtonUniversity of New South Wales Outflows in Orion: a story of intrigue about molecular hydrogen and shock waves
1997-05-15 M BurtonUniversity of New South Wales Astronomy at the South Pole Slideshow
1997-05-28 J McFarlandArmagh Observatory The Ingenious Mr Kenny Edgeworth
1997-06-05 P B ByrneArmagh Observatory New Results from Young Clusters
1997-06-20 H SaioUniversity of Tohuku, Japan Understanding Strange Modes in Pulsating Stars
1997-08-06 D Lyndon-BellQUB The closest to Observations would be Predictions of proper motions for Globular Clusters and Satelli
1997-08-13 D FosterArmagh Observatory The search for low-mass members of the young open cluster Stock2
1997-08-20 NISTRO StudentsArmagh Observatory Each Summer Student will give a 5-minute presentation on their work
1997-09-03 C S JefferyArmagh Observatory Interpretation facilities for the Astropark - a progress report.
1997-10-01 C I ShortArmagh Observatory As Constant as the Northern Star? Modelling a Pulsating Chromosphere.
1997-10-15 D BanerjeeArmagh Observatory Effects of the Magnetic Field on Solar Oscillations
1997-10-22 M T EibeArmagh Observatory Three Stars in the History of a Thesis
1997-11-12 J E ChambersArmagh Observatory Searching for Extra-Solar Planets
1997-11-19 D BanerjeeArmagh Observatory Coronal Heating by Magnetic Kink Waves
1997-11-26 H M MurphyArmagh Observatory Introduction to Starlink
1997-12-03 H M MurphyArmagh Observatory Starlink Software
1997-12-10 C S JefferyArmagh Observatory The Companions to Binary Subdwarf B Stars
1998-01-21 D JevremovicArmagh Observatory Balmer Decrements as Diagnostics of Stellar Flare Plasma
1998-02-04 A LobelArmagh Observatory High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Cool Hypergiant Rho Cas
1998-02-18 T MasonArmagh Planetarium The Belleek Event
1998-02-25 M E BaileyArmagh Observatory NEO Hazards: Dynamical Constraints on Impactor Populations
1998-03-04 S P ManleyArmagh Observatory Collisions in the Solar System
1998-03-12 F MurtaghUniv. of Ulster Environmental and Climatic Modelling of Relevance to Astronomy
1998-03-25 D CampbellMet. Office Climate and Northern Ireland
1998-04-08 D Lyndon-BellQUB Extraordinary N-Body Problems
1998-04-22 J VenablesAldergrove Weather Forecasting Met. Office
1998-05-06 C RugglesQUB Prehistoric astronomy in Ireland and Britain
1998-05-13 L. TeriacaArmagh Observatory Redshifts in Solar Chromosphere and Transition
1998-05-13 R. AznarArmagh Observatory The Evolutionary Status of Subdwarf Binaries
1998-05-20 P DuftonQUB Chemical composition of our own and other galaxies
1998-05-27 Ian BanksBallynahinch Men's Health and Risk taking
1998-06-02 Jim CohenJodrell Bank Magnetic fields in OH Maser regions
1998-06-03 Ian SandersTrinity College Meteorites as constraints on astrophysical models for nebular processes
1998-06-09 Stefano BagnuloUniv. of Wein, Austria Modelling of magnetic fields of chemically peculiar stars
1998-06-10 D. RoscoeUniv. of Sheffield Mach's Principle Revisited : A quasi-fractal Universe and its Dynamics
1998-06-24 Halina PretkaPoznan Observatory, Poland Planetary and galactic perturbations in the motion of one-apparition comets
1998-07-01 John ChambersArmagh Observatory Symplectic integrators - a new way to make planets
1998-07-08 Don PollacoIssac Newton Group, La Palma Planetary nebule and their central starts, including Sakurai's object, a recent born-again red giant
1998-07-15 Bryan MillerLeiden Observatory Globular Clusters and the evolution of elliptical galaxies
1998-07-21 Robert WalshSt. Andrews Bright Tangles on the Sun : Heating Active Region Loops
1998-07-22 Joseph NuthGSHC Silicate Annealing, Herbig AeBe Stars and the Formation of Comets
1998-07-29 Ian BonnelCambridge Star formation in Clusters
1998-09-09 S.V.M. ClubeOxford J.H. Oort and the Oort Cloud
1998-09-16 David AsherArmagh Observatory Approach directions of colliding asteroids
1998-09-23 D. BanerjeeArmagh Observatory Dynamical nature of the quiet solar atmosphere
1998-10-29 Alastair G GunnNRAL Jodrell Bank SETI Observations at Jodrell Bank
1998-10-30 Syuzo IsobeNAO, Japan The Japanese near-Earth object telescope project
1998-11-25 John McFarlandArmagh Observatory An Armchair Tour of Armagh Observatory
1998-12-02 Alex LobelArmagh Observatory Modelling the spectral energy distribution and variability of Asymptotic Giant Branch stars
1999-01-15 David AsherArmagh Observatory Asteroid Astrometry and orbit determination
1999-04-15 John PapaloizouQMW, London Planet Formation and Migration in Protoplanetary Discs
1999-04-22 Ugo LocatelliDIAS, Dublin Study of the stability of theSun-Jupiter-Saturn system into the light of the KAM theory
1999-04-27 Ulrich HeberUniversitaetErlangen Nuernberg, Germany Hot subdwarfs: Properties in general and pulsations in particular
1999-05-06 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Helium Stars in the Galaxy
1999-05-13 Dipankar BanerjeeArmagh Observatory Solar Eclipses
1999-05-20 Luca TeriacaArmagh Observatory Line Shifts in the solar atmosphere
1999-05-27 David HughesUniversity of Sheffield Accurate Calculation of the present-day earth's creating rate
1999-06-16 Martin Murphy and Scott ManleyArmagh Observatory Computer and Network Security
1999-06-17 Nigel HollowayAtomic WeaponsEstablishment Deflecting Near-Earth Objects: Fact and Fiction
1999-06-24 Duncan SteelSpaceguard Australia GOD'S LONGITUDE
1999-07-15 Chris D.ImpeySteward Observatory Are We Alone: Implications of Modern Cosmology for the Origin of Life
1999-09-02 Melanie Johnston-HollittUniversity of Adelaide A New Radio View of A3667
1999-09-09 Eoghan O'SheaQueens Univ of Belfast Oscillation in the active regions of the Sun
1999-10-06 Sandra JeffersArmagh Observatory Comparing the Lunar Cratering and the Small Near-EarthAsteroid Size Distributions
1999-10-07 Vincent WoolfArmagh Observatory Hg in Hg Mn Stars
1999-11-11 Maria MadjarskInsitutute of Astronomy, Sofia Plasma Diagnostics of solar prominences as observed by SUMER, CDS, EIT on SOHO
1999-12-02 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory Astrophysical Turbulence
1999-12-06 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Evolutionary constraints imposed by the pulsations in extreme Helium Stars
1999-12-09 J.K. DaviesJ.UKIRT, Hawaii Physical Properties of Trans-Neptunia Objects
1999-12-14 John DrillingLouisiana State University Spectral classification of Hot Subdwarfs
1999-12-16 Warrick J CouchUniversity of Sydney Star formation activity in distant rich clusters of galaxies: going beyond the core
2000-01-12 Chris DavisJAC, Hawaii Serpens - The big picture. Wide-field observations of a star forming cloud core
2000-01-28 Dipankar BanerjeeArmagh Observatory Polar Plumes and inter-plumes of the Sun
2000-02-09 Wolfgang LoefflerAstronomisches Institut der Universitaet Basel The theory of nonradial pulsations in Gamma Doradus variables
2000-04-06 David AsherArmagh Observatory Dust trails and predictability in meteor stream evolution
2000-04-13 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory Herbig-Haro Objects: UFOs or IFOs?
2000-04-19 Sergei IpatovKaldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow Migration of Celestial Bodies in the Solar System
2000-05-01 Bill LivingstonNSO/Tucson The case of the missing solar cycle
2000-05-04 Michele GrovesCharis Consultancy Services Good Practice Guidelines for the Protection of Children and Young People
2000-05-11 Henry McCrackenLaboratoire D'Astronomie Spatiale, Marseille Investigating field galaxy evolution with ultra-deep wide-angle imaging surveys
2000-05-18 Michael MurphyInstitute of Astronomy, Cambridge; School of Physics, Univ. of New South Wales Does the fine structure constant vary in spacetime?
2000-05-30 Mauri J. ValtonenTurku Observatory, Finland On the Oort cloud origin of short-period comets
2000-06-21 Tigran KhanzadyanArmagh Observatory The Environments of Protostars
2000-06-21 David Garcia AlvarezArmagh Observatory Modelling of Flares on Late-Type Stars
2000-07-19 C. Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Radial velocities for pulsating subdwarf B stars
2000-07-27 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory Leprechauns in O'Ryan
2000-08-04 Milan DimitrijevicBelgrade Observatory The influence of collisions with charged particles on astrophysical spectra
2000-09-21 Francesca BacciottiDIAS, Dublin HST and STIS observations and spectral diagnostics of Herbig Haro jets
2000-10-05 Jay TateSpaceguard UK Spaceguard --- the Inside Story
2000-11-03 Archie E. RoyUniversity of Glasgow Heavy Rock at Matellica: An Astronomical detective story
2000-11-30 Rich H.D. TownsendUniversity College London A random walk through hot-star pulsation
2000-12-12 Katalin OlahKonkoly Observatory, Budapest Cool Stars and Solar-Stellar Connections
2000-12-19 John ChambersArmagh Observatory Terrestrial Planet Formation in Extra-Solar Planet Systems
2001-01-18 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory Triggering Stars with Protostars
2001-01-23 Mario MelitaAstronomical Observatory National University of La Plata
2001-01-25 John MasonFormer president of the British Astronomical Association Some Astronomical Causes of Climate Change
2001-02-01 Alex RosenArmagh Observatory The Effect of Magnetic Fields on the Stability of Extragalactic Jets
2001-02-28 Milan DimitrijevicAstronomical Observatory Belgrade Processes involving ion-atom complexes in weakly ionized astrophysical plasmas
2001-04-12 Ilia RoussevArmagh Observatory and High Altitude Observatory Boulder MHD Simulations of Solar Transition Region Explosive Events and Associated Activity
2001-05-17 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory Bok Globules and Bart Bok's Influence on my Life
2001-05-23 Kieran HickeyArmagh Observatory The Armagh storminess record and its links with the Greenland Ice Sheet
2001-06-14 Georgi PavlovskiArmagh Observatory Star Formation: Numerical Method
2001-06-14 Monica ApostoliceanuArmagh Observatory Modelling of Solar Spicules
2001-07-18 Elena KastkinaPolar Geophysical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Murmansk Region The influence of solar protons on atmospheric parameters
2001-07-18 Oleg ShumilovPolar Geophysical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mormansk Region, Russia The influence of external factors on atmospheric processes and climate
2001-10-03 John McFarlandArmagh Observatory K.E. Edgeworth and TNOs
2001-10-10 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory The pulsating helium star V652 Her
2001-10-17 Derek McNallyUniversity College London Diffuse Interstellar Features
2001-11-01 Vincent WoolfArmagh Observatory Radial velocities in the sdBV PG 1605+072
2001-11-08 Mark BaileyArmagh Observatory The Leonid Meteors: Will the Lion Roar?
2001-11-15 Enric Palle BagoArmagh Observatory Solar activity
2001-11-21 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory White dwarf mergers
2001-11-28 Alastair GunnJodrell Bank Observatory and University of Manchester e-MERLIN: The future of British radio astronomy?
2001-12-12 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory BI Lyn - a surprising subdwarf
2002-01-10 Maria MadjarskaArmagh Observatory Dynamics and diagnostics of explosive events and blinkers
2002-01-14 Simon GloverInstitute for Astronomy, Edinburgh The effect of X-rays on high redshift star formation
2002-01-15 Mordecai-Mark Mac LowDept. of Astrophysics American Museum of Natural History New York Control of Star Formation by Supersonic Turbulence
2002-02-06 Apostolos ChristouArmagh Observatory Near-Earth Asteroids: How close are they?
2002-02-12 Mark BaileyArmagh Observatory The 2001 Llanberis Event: Meteorite or What?
2002-02-18 Robert WalshUniversity of Central Lancashire Diagnosing Coronal Heating: Observational Constraints Based on Theoretical Modelling
2002-02-26 Tigran MovsesyanByurakan Observatory, Armenia Helical structures in outflows from young stellar objects
2002-03-07 Maria MadjarskaArmagh Observatory Spectroscopic analysis of the transition region counterpart of X-ray/EUV coronal bright points
2002-03-13 Amir AhmadArmagh Observatory Case study of an unsual Proto Planetary Nebula - OH231.8+4.2
2002-03-20 Jeremie VaubaillonInstitut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calculdes Ephemerides (Paris) Leonids and satellites : to protect or not to protect?
2002-03-28 Louise HarraMSSL The science of Solar-B
2002-05-08 Donald Wayne KurtzUniversity of Central Lancashire New Developments in Asteroseismology
2002-05-09 Monica GradyNatural History Museum, London Tagish Lake: The Recent Carbonaceous Chondrite Fall
2002-05-15 Jonathan HornerUniversity of Oxford The Centaur Population
2002-06-06 Amir AhmadArmagh Observatory Faint Blue Stars and the late stages of stellar evolution
2002-06-06 Ignacio UgarteArmagh Observatory Spectroscopy of EUV/X-ray Coronal Bright Points
2002-06-18 Bill NapierArmagh Observatory Some Extragalactic Anomalies
2002-06-24 Nigel HollowayUK Atomic Energy Authority Risks Comparable to NEOs and What is Being Done About Them
2002-08-21 Evert MeursDunsink Observatory Gamma-Ray Bursts and Afterglows
2002-09-11 Mary BruckUniversity of Edinburgh The Physics and Astronomy of Dante's Divine Comedy
2002-09-18 Apostolos ChristouArmagh Observatory In the Shadow of Fear: Eclipses on Mars as a lander locator
2002-10-03 Barrie JonesOpen University Exoplanets in the habitable zones of exoplanetary systems
2002-10-14 Dave BuckleySouth African Astronomical Observatory The status of the SALT
2002-10-21 Allan ChapmanUniversity of Oxford Astronomy in Ireland in the Victorian Age
2002-10-23 Martin HardcastleBristol University Jets lobes and hotspots: X-ray observations of extragalactic radio sources
2002-11-05 Shin YabushitaNara University Detection or non-detection of extra-terrestrial fullerenes and Iridium at the P/T boundary layer an
2002-11-07 Ilia RoussevUniversity of MichiganI The Numerical Challenge of Modeling Coronal Mass Ejections in 3D MHD
2002-11-14 Catherine DandyQueens Univ of Belfast Colours of Near-Earth Objects
2002-11-26 Brian CoghlanTrinity College Dublin Grid-Ireland
2003-02-04 V.V. Emel'yanenkoSouth Ural University A New Class of Distant Trans-Neptunian Objects
2003-02-20 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory New Perspectives on the Extragalactic Radio Source Cygnus A
2003-03-04 Stan OwockiBartol Research Institute Sailing on Solar Winds
2003-03-18 Fathi NamouniSouthwest Research Institute Understanding the Dynamics of Planetary Rings
2003-03-21 Stefan DreizlerEberhard Karls Universitaet Stellar Spectra and Model Atmospheres in Non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium
2003-05-21 Martin MurphyArmagh Observatory Observatory Computing Update
2003-06-05 Donald Lynden-BellCambridge On Why flat disks make narrow jets
2003-06-11 Amir AhmadArmagh Observatory Evolution of helium-rich subdwarf B stars
2003-06-17 Bill NapierArmagh Observatory A Mechanism for Interstellar Panspermia
2003-06-19 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory Starless cores
2003-06-19 Alex RosenArmagh Observatory Simulations of molecular jets
2003-06-19 Simon GloverAmerican Museum of Natural History Molecular hydrogen
2003-06-19 Georgi PavlovskiArmagh Observatory Numerical simulations of turbulence
2003-06-19 Simon GloverAmerican Museum of Natural History Future simulations with ZEUS-MP
2003-06-19 Emma WhelanDIAS Near-infrared and optical studies of outflows and jets from YSO's
2003-06-19 Barry O'ConnellArmagh Observatory The spectacular outflow in L1634
2003-06-19 Fiona Mc GroartyDIAS Parsec scale optical outflows
2003-06-19 Tigran KhanzadyanMPIA Heidelberg Exploration a star formation region in Cygnus
2003-06-24 Miruna PopescuArmagh Observatory Structure and Dynamics of Solar Plasma in and around Coronal Holes
2003-06-24 Babulakshmanan RamachandranArmagh Observatory Characterizing Non Radial Pulsations in Subdwarf B Stars
2003-06-24 Christopher WinterArmagh Observatory Automated Spectral Analysis
2003-06-24 Jonathan McAuliffeArmagh Observatory Modelling Metor Phenomena in the Atmospheres of the Terrestrial Planets
2003-06-26 Tigran MagakianByurakan Observatory Pre-Main Sequence Stars: Research and Results from Byurakan
2003-07-17 Roland GredelMPIA, Heidelberg/Centro Astronomico Hispano-Aleman (Calar Alto, Spain) Medium-sized telescopes in the era of giants
2003-07-28 Margaret BurbidgeUCSD Quasars
2003-08-01 Lucia AbboUniversity of Turin Identification of the coronal sources of the slow solar wind
2003-09-04 Chris TraynerUniversity of Leeds Tunguska (an asteroid/comet airburst above Siberia in 1908)
2003-09-09 Chris TraynerUniversity of Leeds Software techniques for detecting meteors in CCD images
2003-09-17 Julio A. FernandezDepartamento de Astronomica, Montevideo, Uruguay Formation of the Oort Cloud
2003-09-24 Simon O'TooleDr-Remeis Sternwarte, Bamberg, Germany The discovery of two helium-core white dwarfs
2003-10-22 Chris Winter/Simon Jeffery/Martin MurphyArmagh Observatory Title: Condor Cluster
2003-10-29 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Title: Helium stars
2003-11-03 Carl FoleyMullard Space Science Lab. Title: Understanding the Sun's Large Scale Corona
2003-11-13 Jay TateSpaceguard Centre Title: Dome Today
2003-11-17 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Title: Subdwarf B stars
2003-11-20 Maria S MadjarskaMullard Space Science Lab. Title: Bi-directional jets at Coronal Hole boundaries
2003-11-28 David Garcia AlvarezHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Title: Coronal element abundances in late-type stars
2003-12-06 Youra TaroyanArmagh Observatory Title: MHD waves and resonant interactions in steady states
2003-12-11 Chia-Hsien LinArmagh Observatory Title: A helioseismic inversion procedure to investigate the chemical composition and equation of st
2003-12-17 Brian EspeyTrinity College Dublin Title: Probing the surroundings of evolved star in symbiotic binaries
2004-01-08 Malin StarrettExperience of Experimenting Experiments with Chladni Figures
2004-01-15 Dipankar BanerjeeCentre for Plasma Astrophysics, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium Solar Active region oscillations as seen from SoHO and TRACE
2004-01-21 Mike SimmsUlster Museum Hunting for Hidden (Hibernian) Impact Craters
2004-02-03 Neil BoneBAA The Work of the BAA Meteor Section
2004-02-18 Ignacio Ugarte-UrraArmagh Observatory Coronal Bright Points
2004-03-10 Mark BaileyArmagh Observatory The Origin of Comets: New Perspectives and the Oort Cloud
2004-03-15 Hugh SummersUniversity of Strathclyde Atomic Modelling for Spectral Analysis of Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas
2004-03-24 Robert HillArmagh Planetarium The Faulkes Telescope Programme
2004-04-05 Ray McGrathMet Eireann Regional Climate Modelling in Ireland: the C4I Project
2004-04-30 Bill NapierArmagh Observatory Dark Halleys and Panspermia
2004-05-05 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Ultracam observations of pulsating subdwarf B stars
2004-05-19 Gajendra PandeyIndian Institute of Astrophysics S-process elements in hot extreme helium stars
2004-06-07 David AsherArmagh Observatory Numerology of Venus
2004-08-12 Jonathan McAuliffeArmagh Observatory Meteors in The Atmospheres of The Terrestrial Planets
2004-08-26 Michael SmithArmagh Observatory The Formation of Stars of Low Mass
2004-10-07 Dirk FroebrichDIAS The Youngest Protostars
2004-10-15 Alastair GunnMERLIN/VLBI National Facility, Jodrell Bank Observatory. RadioNet: Advanced Radio Astronomy in Europe
2004-10-29 Valery NakariakovUniversity of Warwick MHD Coronal Wave Activity
2004-11-04 Peter van HoofQueens University Belfast Studies of gas and grains in post-AGB outflows
2004-11-18 Rachel StreetQueens University Belfast SuperWASP: Early Results from the First Season of Observation
2004-11-24 Apostolos ChristouArmagh Observatory Himalia jostles its children: the story of an irregular satellite family of Jupiter
2005-02-03 Paul SellinUniversity of Surrey Physics of current X-ray imaging detectors and their applications to astronomy
2005-02-22 Wolf-Rainer HamannUniversiteit Potsdam Wolf-Rayet Stars
2005-02-25 David WilliamsUniversity College London Perinatal Events in Astronomy
2005-03-03 Uli HeberUniversity of Erlangen Nurenberg Supernovae and their Prohenitors
2005-03-10 Christian KarlAstronomisches Institut der Universität, Bamberg White Dwarfs and hot subdwarf binaries as possible progenitors of Type Ia SN
2005-04-27 Martin MurphyArmagh Observatory Introduction to iMac and Mac OS X
2005-05-30 Apostolos ChristouArmagh Observatory Basics of solar system dynamics. Part I.
2005-06-01 Alan HibbertQueens University Belfast Atomic Physics for Astrophysics at QUB
2005-06-02 Natalie BeharaArmagh Observatory New Model Atmospheres with New Opacities
2005-06-02 Chris WinterArmagh Observatory Automatic Analysis of Stellar Spectra
2005-06-09 T. KhanzadyanMax-Planck Institut für Astronomie Star formation in Cygnus
2005-06-24 Ana Maria Garcia SuarezArmagh Observatory Are climate reconstructions from tree-ring widths possible in Ireland?
2005-06-29 Dermott MullanBartol Research Institute, University of Delaware Magnetic Fields on Hot Stars
2005-06-30 Apostolos ChristouArmagh Observatory Basics of solar system dynamics. Part I.
2005-07-01 Apostolos ChristouArmagh Observatory Basics of solar system dynamics. Part II.
2005-07-22 Li-Dong XiaCAS Key Laboratory of Basic Plasma Physics, Univ. of Science and Technology of China Solar wind origin in coronal funnels
2005-07-22 Li-Dong XiaCAS Key Laboratory of Basic Plasma Physics, Univ. of Science and Technology of China Space weather explorer - the KuaFu mission
2005-08-11 Milan DimitrijevicBelgrade Astronomical Observatory Astronomy in Serbia
2005-09-14 Tony AntonovaArmagh Observatory Discovering the Source of Radio Activity in Brown Dwarfs
2005-09-14 Timur SahinArmah Observatory Stellar Evolution beyond Asymptotic Giant Branch
2005-09-14 Chia-Hsien LinArmagh Observatory Multi-wavelength study of waves and jets above active regions
2005-09-19 Dipankar BanerjeeIndian Institute of Astrophysics Dynamics of the Polar Coronal Hole Region
2005-09-22 Chandra WickramasingheCardiff University of Wales From Interstellar Matter to Deep Impact...and Life
2005-09-29 Mohsen ShadmehriFerdowsi University, Iran The Evolution and Structure of Star-Forming Clouds
2005-10-06 Fazeleh KhajenabiFerdowsi University, Iran Self-Similar Structure of Magnetized Radiation-Dominated Accretion Discs.
2005-11-03 Natalie BeharaArmagh Observatory LTE Model Atmospheres with New Opacities
2005-11-21 Bebe IshakArmagh Observatory What solar Explosive Events?
2005-12-01 Caroline PereiraArmagh Observatory Spectroscopic studies of compact and evolved stars
2005-12-07 Cathyrn PeoplesSchool of Computing and Information Engineering, University of Ulster Space-IP: QoS Provisioning in Long-Distance Delay-Sensitive Protocols
2005-12-13 Miruna PopescuArmagh Observatory Alfven Waves in the Solar Atmosphere: Spicules, Solar Wind & Coronal Heating Explained?
2005-12-15 Natalie BeharaArmagh Observatory LTE Model Atmospheres with New Opacities.
2006-01-26 Vacheslav V. Emel'yanenkoSouth Ural University, Chelyabinsk, Russia Centaurs from the Oort Cloud
2006-02-01 Dr Enric Palle BagoBig Bear Solar Observatory, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA Recent changes in the earth's albedo and its implications for climate change
2006-02-14 Professor Jim HoughUniversity of Glasgow The Search for Gravitational Waves
2006-03-01 Eoghan O'SheaArmagh Observatory Detection of waves in the outer solar atmosphere
2006-03-16 Mark BaileyArmagh Observatory History, Problems and New Results in the Origin of Comets
2006-03-22 Dr Richard StancliffeInstitute of Astronomy, Cambridge University The thermal pulsing asymptotic giant branch: a theoretical perspective
2006-04-28 Dr Richard de GrijsUniversity of Sheffield Star Cluster Evolution: From Young Massive Star Clusters to Old Globulars
2006-05-09 Coryn Bailer-JonesMax-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg The Gaia all-sky astrometric and spectrophotometric survey
2006-05-23 Tobias HinseNeils Bohr Inst., Univ. of Copenhagen Chaos and Planet-Particle Dynamics within the Habitable Zone of Extrasolar Planetary Systems
2006-08-10 Michael BurtonUniversity of New South Wales Antarctic Astronomy
2006-08-30 Anthony MoraghanArmagh Observatory Velocity study of axisymmetric protostellar jets with molecular cooling
2006-09-14 Martin StiftInstitut für Astronomie, Universität Wien Recent developments in magnetic stellar atmospheres and radiative diffusion
2006-09-18 Michael BurtonUniversity of New South Wales Musings on Massive Star Formation
2006-09-25 Dave KilkennySouth African Astronomical Observatory The pulsating hot subdwarfs
2006-10-12 Maria MadjarskaMPI fuer Sonnensystemforschung, Lindau Small-scale coronal hole boundaries evolution: EIT 195 A and TRACE 171 A view
2006-10-19 Peng-Fei ChenNanjing University Solar Transition Region Explosive Events: Reconnection Modulated by p-mode Waves
2006-11-01 Sonja SchuhInstitut für Astrophysik, Universität Göttingen Observational asteroseismology of hot stars
2006-11-03 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Pulsation in subdwarf B stars -- a question of opacity
2006-11-16 Rhona MacleanArmagh Observatory Topological Structure of the Magnetic Solar Corona
2006-11-22 Carolina OdmanLeiden Observatory, Leiden Universe Awareness: Inspiring young children with the beautiful Universe
2006-12-01 Robert IzzardSterrenkundig Institute, Universiteit Utrecht Solving The Century-old R-Star Riddle
2006-12-08 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Stellar archaeology -- unravelling FG Sge's past
2007-03-27 Georgeta MarisInstitute of Geodynamics, Romanian Academy Solar Flare Indices in Soft X-rays
2007-03-30 Barry KellettRutherford Appleton Laboratory Laboratory Astrophysics and Stellar Magnetospheres
2007-05-25 Rhona MacleanArmagh Observatory Communicating our science to a wider audience
2007-06-06 Stephany MazonUniversity of Helsinki, Finland Investigating Aerosol formation events and their impact on climate change
2007-07-10 John LandstreetUniversity of Western Ontario The evolution of magnetic fields in middle main-sequence stars
2007-07-11 Greg WadeRoyal Military College of Canada Magnetism in intermediate-mass stars and the fossil field model
2007-07-30 Tom BarclayJodrell Bank Observatory A spin on galactic dust
2007-09-05 Dipankar BanerjeeIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India Loop dynamics
2007-09-10 Ben DaviesRochester Institute of Technology The Massive Red Supergiant Clusters at the Base of the Scutum-Crux Spiral Arm
2007-10-24 Abedin AbedinArmagh Observatory Orbital elements of dust particles released by the B fragment of comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3
2007-10-26 Caroline PereiraArmagh Observatory Balloon 090100001: A White Light Frequency Analysis
2007-11-01 Gavin RamsayArmagh Observatory Ultra Compact binaries
2007-11-06 Prakash AtreyaArmagh Observatory Aurigids 2007 prediction, observation and results
2007-11-12 Abhishek SrivastavaArmagh Observatory Anelastic MHD Equations : Theory
2007-11-19 Abhishek SrivastavaArmagh Observatory Anelastic MHD Equations : Computation
2007-11-30 David Pérez-SuárezArmagh Observatory Disemboweling a bright point
2007-12-03 Natalie BeharaParis Observatory, Meudon What goes up might not always come down: diffusion and levitation of elements in sdB stars
2008-01-24 Igor SavanovArmagh Observatory Doppler Imaging - part 1
2008-01-31 Igor SavanovArmagh Observatory Doppler Imaging - part 2
2008-02-12 Patrick McCaffertyQueens University Belfast Tales of Tails: Myths and Comets
2008-02-14 Don PollaccoQueens University Belfast Latest results from SuperWASP
2008-02-28 David AsherArmagh Observatory Meteor stream structure
2008-02-29 Paul WithersCenter for Space Physics, Boston University, USA The Mars Ionosphere: More than a Chapman Layer
2008-03-18 Srividya SubramanianArmagh Observatory Insight into Transition Region Blinkers
2008-03-19 Prof Ian RobsonATC, Royal Observatory Edinburgh The rise of the sub-millimetre
2008-03-26 Goetz GraefenerUniversity of Potsdam, Germany Are the most massive stars Wolf-Rayet stars?
2008-04-24 Alex de KoterUniversity of Amsterdam Mass loss of the most massive stars: the extreme object eta Carinae
2008-05-01 Eamon ScullionArmagh Observatory Spicules in the Solar atmosphere - observations and numerical results - I
2008-05-08 Mihalis MathioudakisQueens University Belfast Solar Physics in the era of high temporal resolution
2008-05-29 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory An Astronomical Zoology -- Stars without Hydrogen
2008-06-09 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory The Extreme Horizontal-Branch -- Four Ways to Make an Impossible Star
2008-07-03 Joanna RankinVermont University, Burlington, USA Observational Studies of Pulsar Radiation Phenomena and Physics
2008-09-17 Robert FosburyESO Astronomy today and the role played by the Hubble Space Telescope
2008-09-23 Andy NewsamLiverpool John Moores University The National Schools' Observatory - promoting science to school children
2008-09-30 Fionnuala WattersThe Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Working with Japan - Funding Opportunities for Japan-UK research
2008-10-03 Makoto YoshikawaHayabusa Project Scientist / JAXA The Hayabusa mission and the nature of Asteroid Itokawa
2008-10-10 Luca FossatiUniversity of Vienna Blue Straggler Stars
2008-10-14 Jaio Yang DingArmagh Catastrophe of flux rope caused by emerging magnetic flux
2008-10-23 Hideyuki SaioTohoku University, Sendai, Japan Pulsations of Be stars
2008-10-28 Mark CropperMSSL The Gaia mission
2008-11-18 Jorick VinkArmagh On the fate of the most massive stars
2008-12-04 Simon HallTrinity College Dublin/Armagh Observatory Characterising Subdwarf B stars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
2008-12-04 Thomas KupferUniversity of Erlangen-Nuremberg/Armagh Observatory Elemental Abundances in the Extreme Helium Star BD+10 2179
2008-12-11 Avnindra SinghArmagh Observatory Atomic Structure Calculations
2009-02-06 Rainer ArltUniv of Potsdam (AIP) Generation and stability of stellar magnetic fields
2009-02-10 Henry HsiehQueens University Belfast Oddball Snowballs: The Main-Belt Comets
2009-02-12 Benjamin MullerSwiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Sorting video meteor data using simple Bayesian classifiers
2009-02-20 Philipp PodsiadlowskiUniversity of Oxford From supernova to hypernova: understanding the diversity of cosmic explosions
2009-02-27 Riccardo ScarpaGrante Can, La Palma Dark matter, dark energy, quintessence, inflation, accelerated expansion .. is it time for a change?
2009-03-05 John ButlerArmagh Observatory Solar influence on climate - an update
2009-03-12 Ute RuehlingUniversity of Potsdam Rapidly Rotating Wolf-Rayet Stars?
2009-03-19 Eamon ScullionArmagh Observatory The Rise of the Spicule
2009-03-25 Gerry DoyleArmagh Observatory Radio emission from brown dwarfs
2009-03-30 Christopher ToutUniversity of Cambridge Origin of High Magnetic Field White Dwarfs
2009-04-02 Maria Rosa CioniUniv Hertfordshire AGB stars and local galaxies
2009-04-27 Thomas RauchEberhard Karls University, Germany Spectral Analysis of Super Soft Sources
2009-04-28 Antonella NattaINAF - Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory Circumstellar disks and planet formation
2009-04-30 Raphael HirschiUniversity of Keele Massive stars: evolution and nucleosynthesis
2009-05-14 Maria MadjarskaArmagh Observatory Can small-scale transient events contribute to coronal heating?
2009-05-19 Chia LinTrinity College Dublin Investigating the kinematics and dynamics of CMEs
2009-05-28 Elaine SimpsonQUB Transiting planets: from SuperWASP to Super-Earth
2009-06-09 Pasi HakalaTuorla Observatory Genetically Modified fireflies
2009-06-18 Ed BuddingCarter Observatory, New Zealand ASKAP - Australian SKA Pathfinder
2009-07-15 Rasmus VossMPE, Garching Stellar Populations Synthesis with Radioactive elements
2009-07-23 Brian ConnollyArtist, Bushmills Stars in Your Eyes: Astronomy and City Art in Armagh
2009-08-05 Jayanne EnglishUniv. Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada How to make Astronomy Images
2009-09-11 Clive RugglesUniversity of Leicester Archaeoastronomy: A Brief History
2009-09-15 John BarnesUniversity of Hertfordshire Spectroscopic detection and characterisation of exoplanetary atmospheres
2009-09-24 John LandstreetUWO/Armagh What star clusters can tell us.
2009-10-05 Carla GilESO/Armagh Observing with a 100-meter virtual telescope: the Very Large Telescope Interferometer
2009-10-12 Maria MadjarskaMPI Lindau/Armagh X-ray jets detected in imagers and spectrographs co-observations: Are X-ray jets coronal mass ejecti
2009-10-20 N K RaoIIA, Bangalore RCrB stars and dust
2009-10-22 Martin HendryUniversity of Glasgow Gravitational Wave Astronomy
2009-11-03 Carsten WeidnerUniversity of St. Andrews The large scale IMF - from star clusters to galaxies
2009-11-10 Aisling O'BeirnUniversity of Ulster Some Spatial Frontiers for the Lay Enthusiast
2009-11-20 Brenda FryeDublin City University Primeval Galaxies Magnified by Gravitational Lensing
2009-12-01 Andrea PastorelloQueens Univ Belfast Faint supernovae and SN impostors - Transients in the luminosity gap between novae and supernovae
2009-12-10 Avnindra SinghArmagh Observatory ADAS: What it is and what can it actually do for Astrophysics?
2009-12-15 Dipankar Banerjee Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Propagating waves in the polar region of the sun
2010-01-01 Lucca FossatiArgelander Institute, Bonn HST observations of the transiting exoplanet WASP-12b and its circumstellar environment
2010-01-08 Aleks ScholzDIAS Disks around brown dwarfs
2010-01-18 Gavin RamsayArmagh Surveys for fast transients: present and future
2010-02-04 Iwona KotkoJagiellonian University, Cracow Outbursts from AM CVn binaries
2010-02-19 Ignacio Ugarte UrraNaval Research Laboratory, Washington Coronal heating in solar active regions
2010-02-22 Mark BaileyArmagh Observatory Risk and Natural Catastrophes: The Long View
2010-03-09 Gijs NelemansRadboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands Supernova progenitors: the use of archival X-ray data
2010-03-15 Klaus GalsgaardNiels Bohr Institute Magnetic reconnection drivers of small scale explosive events
2010-03-30 Jiaoyang Ding & Alexey KuznetsovArmagh Observatory practice talks for NAM
2010-04-22 Eamon ScullionArmagh Observatory The Spicule to Macrospicule Re(Connection)
2010-04-29 Sergiy Shelyag Queens University Belfast Simulations and radiative diagnostics of turbulence and wave phenomena in the solar photosphere
2010-05-14 Mike SimmsUlster Museum To Here from Eternity: Meteorites as messengers from the early Solar System
2010-05-20 Mike BessellMount Stromlo Observatory, Australia Evidence of Dust and acoustic heated chromospheres in M dwarfs
2010-05-25 Ralf NapiwotzkiUniversity of Hertfordshire White dwarfs and post-AGB stars in disc and halo of our Galaxy
2010-05-28 Hermann BoehnhardtMax-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research (Lindau) Main belt comets: what you always wanted to know about them but you never dared to ask
2010-06-01 Alexey KuznetsovArmagh Observatory Fast gyrosynchrotron codes
2010-06-04 Graham HarperTrinity College Dublin The Atmosphere of Betelgeuse
2010-06-15 1st year PhD students practice talks
2010-06-17 Carlos JaimesUniversity of Sheffield Investigation of wave mode interaction in a magnetic flux-tube and Ionosphere-Corona connection
2010-08-05 Vincent WoolfUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha The M dwarf problem
2010-08-10 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Hydrogen-deficient stars and white dwarf mergers
2010-09-13 Galina RyabovaTomsk State University Mathematical modelling of meteoroid stream formation
2010-10-19 Daniel ArmstrongDeakin University, Melbourne Imaging and Imagination: the cosmos and art
2010-11-02 Mat PageMSSL/UCL First results from Herschel
2010-11-16 Alain VienneLille Observatory/IMCCE Synthetic series: A Tool for dynamical planetology
2010-11-30 Tobias HinseArmagh Obervatory Long-term chaotic diffusion of retrograde jovian irregular satellite orbits
2010-12-14 Heather CeglaQUB Time Domain Studies of Low-mass Objects: From Pre-main Sequence Binaries to Earth-like Worlds
2011-01-13 Chemeda EjetaInternational Max-Planck Research School Spectropolarimetry of the two faces of Saturn's moon Iapetus
2011-01-21 Rene OudmaijerUniversity of Leeds Finding all massive stars in the Galaxy: the RMS survey
2011-03-03 Kevin ReardonOsservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, Florence & Queens Belfast New views of the solar chromosphere
2011-03-17 Louise HarraMSSL/UCL Mapping the Sun
2011-03-17 Vasily BelokurovIoA Cambridge The formation of the Milky Way
2011-03-25 Reiner ArltAstrophysical Institute Potsdam Ap star magnetism due to instability?
2011-05-19 Don KurtzUniversity of Central Lancashire The Kepler view on variable stars
2011-05-27 Peter WheatleyUniversity of Warwick Exoplanets
2011-06-06 Barbara BeckerUniversity of California, Irvine Unravelling Starlight: William Huggins and the Crucial Role of Thomas Romney Robinson in the Rise of Astrophysics
2011-07-26 Tim HarriesUniv Exeter Probing the inner regions of protostellar discs
2011-08-05 Robert JedickeInstitute of Astronomy, University of Hawaii Earth's Mini-Moons
2011-08-09 Stefano BagnuloArmagh Stellar magnetisim through the polarised eye of the FORS instrument
2011-08-16 Jorick VinkArmagh Observatory The circumstellar media around young and massive stars
2011-09-20 Jiaoyang DingArmagh Observatory Simulations on Jet-like events -- Any implications for coronal heating?
2011-09-23 Mark BaileyArmagh Observatory Meteors, Meteor Showers and the Draconids
2011-11-10 Geraint JonesMSSL/UCL Cometary dust tail striae: New insights from near-Sun comets
2011-11-11 Murat HudaverdiScientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey The X-ray nature of galaxies from Supercluster fields
2011-11-15 Chris CopperwheatUniversity of Warwick Determining the nature of subdwarf B stars
2011-11-24 Simon GreenOpen University The influence of thermal emission on the dynamical and physical evolution of asteroids
2012-01-24 Alessandra GiuntaUniv Strathclyde & RAL Spectral analysis of the solar atmosphere at the chromosphere-corona boundary
2012-02-09 Rob IzzardUniversity of Bonn The Mischievous `J' Stars
2012-03-01 Dipankar BanerjeeIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Waves in the open structures of the Sun
2012-04-26 Mike BaillieQUB Periodicities in high resolution chronologies hint at Holocene interactions with long period comets
2012-05-17 Michael SterzikESO, La Silla Paranal Observatory Spectropolarimetry of Planet Earth
2012-05-22 Pilar Montanes RodriguezInstituto de Astrofisca de Canarias Nonlinear models for pulsations in evolved stars
2012-06-07 Naslim Neelamkodan Armagh Observatory The extremely peculiar helium-rich subdwarf B stars: a study of chemical composition and evolutionary status.
2012-07-27 Jacco van LoonUniversity of Keele Supernovae: creators or destroyers? Results from the Magellanic Clouds
2012-08-10 Paul WiegertUniversity of Western Ontario, Canada Interstellar meteors: can bodies reach Earth from other star systems and how could we tell?
2012-08-16 Rob JefferiesUniversity of Keele Age Spreads in Star Forming Regions
2012-09-18 Wolfgang KerzendorfU. Toronto Type Ia supernovae: Explosions and Progenitors
2012-09-21 James OwenCanadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics Thermal winds from discs and planets and there evolutionary consequences
2012-10-23 Jonathon NicholsUniversity of Leicester Origin of electron cyclotron maser-induced radio emissions at ultra-cool dwarfs
2012-11-23 Irina Belskaya LESIA-Observatoire de Paris; Institute of Astronomy, Kharkiv National University Surface properties of small Solar system bodies from photometric and polarimetric phase curves
2013-01-08 Andrzej BaranMissouri State University Kepler and the Hobbits
2013-01-15 John LandstreetUniv Western Ontario/Armagh Pre-main sequence stars and their magnetic fields
2013-01-22 Ruxandra TomaArmagh Observatory EURONEAR - The European Near Earth Asteroids Research Network
2013-02-21 Gajendra PandeyIndian Institute of Astrophysics Recent Studies on H-deficient Stars
2013-03-07 Kameswara RaoIndian Institute of Astrophysics The Odd Ball R CrB - DY Centauri
2013-03-19 Hideyuki SaioTohoku University, Japan Evolution of massive stars and pulsations of blue supergiants
2013-03-21 Alberto Cellino (INAF, Torino) Asteroid families
2013-04-03 Duncan Steel An Astronomical Agency Causing Global Warming?
2013-05-02 Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Heavy Metal:  lead stars, bling and diffusion in hot subdwarfs
2013-06-20 Michael SimmsUlster Museum An impact ejecta blanket in NW Scotland
2013-08-14 Duncan Steel A Large Optical Arecibo for NEO Discovery
2013-08-20 Aswin SekharArmagh Observatory General Relativistic Effects on Meteoroid Orbits
2013-11-14 Stanley DermottUniv of Florida, Gainsville TBD
2013-11-28 Galin BorisovInstitute of Astronomy and NAO, Bulgaria Possibilities of the 2m telescope and FoRoRo2 at NAO Rozhen for polarimetric and spectropolarimetric observations
2013-12-02 Eamon ScullionUniversity of Oslo Catastrophic Cooling in the Solar Corona
2013-12-10 Chris NelsonArmagh/Sheffield High-resolution observations of the solar atmosphere - An insight into the small-scale dynamics of the photosphere and chromosphere
2014-02-10 Aralt Mac Giolla ChainnighRoyal Military College of Canada The Radio Universe: Astronomy at Long Wavelengths
2014-02-17 Don PollaccoUniversity of Warwick The PLATO mission
2014-02-27 Chiaki Kobayashi Univ Herts The origin of elements and evolution of galaxies
2014-03-13 JJ HermesUniv Warwick Compact Stars in Compact Binaries: The Extremely Low-Mass White Dwarfs
2014-04-25 D. BanerjeeIndian Institute of Astrophysics Planned Solar Physics Projects in India
2014-09-09 Colin HillQueens University Belfast Starspots and magnetic activity in cataclysmic variables
2014-09-23 Carole MundellLiverpool JMU The Transient Explosive Universe
2014-10-21 Martin StiftParis & Armagh Observatories Element diffusion and abundance mapping in magnetic stars : 2 worlds to be reconciled
2014-10-24 Alberto CellinoTurin Observatory Physical Properties of Asteroids
2014-11-11 Simon JefferyArmagh High-precision spectroscopy for pulsating stars
2014-11-21 Unto K. LaineAalto University, Finland The Sounds of Aurorae and Meteors
2014-11-24 Louise HarraUCL-MSSL Exploring activity on the Sun
2015-02-10 Gary FerlandUniversity of Kentucky The Orion Star Forming Region
2015-04-23 Kinwah WuUCL/MSSL Dynamics of fast spinning neutron stars around a massive black holes
2015-06-24 Philip D HallArmagh Observatory The structure of common envelope remnants
2015-08-04 Mike BaillieQUB Tree rings seem to point to extreme events in the past
2015-08-04 Hutch KinsmanPre-Columbian Society of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Searching for Maya Gold: Are Ancient Maya Observations of Meteor Outbursts Hidden in Plain Sight?
2015-09-11 Duncan Steel The Missing Malaysian Airliner MH370: An Exercise in Applied Science
2015-11-18 Dan HoldsworthUCLan Asteroseismology of A-type stars with SuperWASP
2015-11-27 Dominique ProustObservatoire de Paris-Meudon, France Clusters and Superclusters of Galaxies: What They Can Tell Us
2016-01-29 Michael G BurtonUniversity of New South Wales, Australia Interstellar Explorers - Mapping the Molecular Clouds of the Southern Milky Way
2016-02-16 Guy R DaviesUniversity of Birmingham Asteroseismology: Observations of rotation in solar-like pulsators
2016-03-08 George SeabrokeUCL/MSSL The Gaia Mission
2016-04-25 Matteo CrismaniUniversity of Colorado, Boulder, USA Meteoric Metal Layer in Mars’ Atmosphere: Steady-state Flux and Meteor Showers
2016-04-26 Klaus GalsgaardNiels Bohr Institute, Denmark Eruptions driven by magnetic flux emergence in a coronal hole environment
2016-06-14 Rob IzzardInstitute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge Massive stars, a strong case for cosmic marriage
2016-07-19 Stephen R TaylorNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA New Horizons in Gravitational-wave Astronomy with Pulsar-Timing Arrays
2016-08-02 Shenghua YuNational Astronomical Observatories, Beijing, China Potential science with the SKA in China
2016-08-18 Venu KalariUniversidad de Chile, Chile Star formation in the Magellanic Clouds: a multi wavelength picture
2016-09-05 Dipankar BanerjeeIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India Long term study of the Sun from the Kodaikanal Observatory
2016-09-13 Sarka WykesUniversity of Manitoba, Canada HD simulations of internal jet-stellar wind interactions: the case of Centaurus A
2016-09-20 Hideyuki SaioTohoku University, Japan Pulsations in massive stars
2016-09-27 C Simon JefferyArmagh Observatory Discovery of a pulsating lead-rich hot subdwarf: UVO 0825+15
2016-10-06 Frank TramperESAC, Madrid, Spain Massive stars - binaries, Wolf-Rayets, and the Early Universe connection
2016-10-27 F Richard StephensonUniversity of Durham Ancient eclipses and Earth's past rotation
2016-11-08 Michael G BurtonArmagh Observatory Formation pumping of molecular hydrogen: the shocking story of H2
2016-12-06 Gavin RamsayArmagh Observatory Cataclysmic Variables: probes of accretion physics
2017-02-07 Aswin SekharUniversity of Oslo, Norway Rapid Enhancement in GR Precession Rates due to Kozai Mechanism
2017-02-23 Adam BarberMet Office Meteorological Data
2017-02-27 Jose GrohTrinity College Dublin Effects of mass loss on massive star evolution and death
2017-02-27 Ioana BoianTrinity College Dublin The early look of core-collapse supernovae
2017-03-06 Paul CrowtherUniversity of Sheffield The Tarantula Nebula: a template for extragalactic star-forming regions
2017-04-10 Geoff ClaytonLouisiana State University, USA Pulsations and Declines in R Coronae Borealis
2017-05-23 Galin BorisovArmagh Observatory Mars Trojans. What are they made of and where do they come from?
2017-06-07 Stanley F DermottUniversity of Florida, Gainsville, USA The origin of meteorites and near-Earth asteroids
2017-07-28 Wes FraserQueen's University Belfast The Kuiper Belt: formation, migration, and the unexpected
2017-07-31 Maurice MurphyDublin Institute of Technology Developing a virtual reality immersive model for Armagh Observatory
2017-08-09 Nir ShavivRacah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Solar Activity, Cosmic Rays and Climate Change
2017-08-14 Joachim BestenlehnerUniversity of Sheffield Eta Carinae with VLTI/GRAVITY
2017-09-07 Dipankar BanerjeeIndian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India Science with Aditya L1 - India’s space mission for the study of the Sun
2017-11-09 Ruxandra TomaArmagh Observatory The search for short period variable stars and Near Earth Asteroids in wide-field surveys
2018-01-18 John LandstreetUniversity of Western Ontario / Armagh Magnetic fields in white dwarfs
2018-04-12 Marianna KorsosUniversity of Sheffield On the evolution of pre-flare patterns in 3D real solar and simulated ARs

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